WETLANDS are Communities covered with standing fresh or salt water for part of each day or part of each year. 

Q.     Are wetlands useful?
A. WETLANDS are homes to important Species of BIRDS, and PLANTS, and AMPHIBIANS, and PLANT SPECIES – MANY SO TINY WE CAN’T SEE THEM!   All Wetland TREES & Plants face a tough life, but their unique root structures can thrive under muddy mineral soils & even in Mountain peat bogs. Built for life without oxygen near their roots!
Q. How DO wetlands... “swamp” us with clean water?
A.  Our Natural Wetland Water Filters are vital to our health. Though people may think wetlands are wastelands, this couldn’t be further from the truth.
 Water quality is one of the most important environmental issues facing the North Shore, Canada and the world. 
Wetlands help treat Wastewater
One of the problems facing society today is how to treat our wastewater. Wetlands act like filters, just like our kidneys, cleaning impurities from the water. The bio-filter in Stanley Parkat Lost Lagoon is a good example.
As nature’s water filters, Wetlands play a key role in keeping our water clean! Wetland plants, bacteria & animals remove harmful impurities.
Watersheds are landscape level systems through which water flows to a common area like a stream, lake or ocean. Wetlands are an important part of watersheds and benefit from a watershed approach to planning.
Wetlands help to guard against erosion
Wetland plants stabilize the soil, holding it in place against erosive forces. Plants break up waves and currents that would otherwise impact on soil.
Wetlands Help Reduce Flooding
Runoff from heavy rains is absorbed and dispersed by wetlands.  There is simply too much water for the landscape to absorb. When wetlands are lost, so are natural storage areas for water. Wetlands reduce flooding by storing excess water, filtering toxins & slowing flow!
Wetlands are found everywhere in the world, except Antarctica!
Nearly 25 per cent of all wetlands on Earth are in Canada- 1,270,000sq.km. (127 million hectares) of Wetlands - as productive as tropical rainforests! 
Wetlands - valuable wildlife habitat!   
For approximately 600 species of plants, animals & insects in Canada/mammals, amphibians/reptiles/fish & invertebrate species use wetlands habitat for food, water, nesting & resting!
Wetlands - great places to have fun
Thanks to their natural beauty, mysteries & abundant wildlife, wetlands are great places for hiking & wildlife watching.  Visit a nearby wetland to listen, watch for their wonders & enjoy nature!  



Why are wetlands important?
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